Confidence or Competence?

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One of the things I often hear from brand new practitioners is that they feel they lack the confidence to practice with clients.

This is a bit of a "catch 22," because many people believe the only way to get confidence is to practice something until they feel comfortable doing it. So, if you never do it because you're not comfortable, then how could you get comfortable so you can feel confident?

The problem is that most practitioners are confusing two words which sound alike but have very different meanings: competence and confidence.

"Competence" means that you know enough information to be able to perform a task.

The fact is, after taking a training you will have the full competence to be able to do any of the techniques that are taught in your training. Even if you have to do those techniques with the manual in your lap.

Many people unfortunately feel that they are not able to do the techniques, not because they don't have the information required, but because they don't yet feel comfortable doing the techniques or working with others.

This is not a competence issue, but rather, a confidence issue.

If a person is incompetent, then that means they are unable to do something. But if a person is unconfident, that usually means that they are unwilling to do that thing. And that's a very different problem.

While some people have the mental superpower to simply push themselves through the discomfort and "fake it till you make it," most people simply give up or make excuses until they have lost all motivation to even try.

If you are part of that second category of people, then I have good news: confidence is a choice. You may have never heard of confidence referred to as a choice before. Many people wrongly believe it is an inborn trait only instilled in certain "lucky" individuals.

But the fact is, you can have confidence anytime you like. If you have allowed a lack of confidence to prevent you from doing your passion and helping people, then I would like to give you the gift of confidence right now. Visit

There you will find a one-hour audio coaching call on how to get more confidence in any area of life.

I struggled for much of my life with a lack of confidence and a bad self-esteem. I can tell you, with confidence, that this is something you can overcome.



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