About Success Coaching

Put simply, Success Coaching is a relationship with a certified coach geared toward your ultimate empowerment. Coaches are trained in helping you do the following:

  • Evaluate your position in life
  • Create outcomes and goals for the future
  • Assist you in anticipating and overcoming obstacles
  • Helping you to stay accountable in taking the steps needed for success

Coaching is a longer-term relationship than traditional NLP, TIME Tecniques, EFT or Hypnotherapy. Typical coaching relationships last from one to six months. The ultimate goal is to to empower you, and to coach you, as the client, out of needing a coach.

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Current News

IBCP Proudly Welcomes Our Newest Certified Members:

  • Alisha Kier
  • China D. Allen
  • Amanda Holt
  • LaShaun Garrett-Fears
  • Mirta Martinez-Kekenak

Approved Trainings Available
Click here to see a list of trainings offered by schools and trainers certified and approved by the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners.

Mark Your Calendars!
The 2018 IBCP Convention is coming up November 10 - 11 in Los Angeles! The Convention is free for all current Full Certification IBCP members and chocked full of valuable presentations and networking with like-minds. We're looking forward to seeing you there and more details will be released very soon!